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AI agents and automations

Invicta AI is a no-code platform that allows you to build AI Agents that can automate workflows end-to-end.

Build AI Agents

Connect Sources

Upload documents, links and intergrations into your knowledge base

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Create your AI team

Each AI agent acts as an autonomous digital employee

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Use templates

Clone pre-made community and official AI agents

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Deploy AI Agents


Deploy AI agents in Slack, Discord, Telegram...

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Our Chat UI

Chat with your AI agents on Invicta AI, as you would with ChatGPT

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Your website or app

Embed a chat bubble on your site, embed a chat window, or connect via API

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Connect AI to your Email

AI agents can automatically respond to your emails...or ask for your approval first

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Document Automations

AI agents can analyse and generate content based on 100s of rows of spreadheets at once...or analyse 100s of PDFs all at once

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Use cases

On-brand marketing generation

Automate content creation at scale while maintaining your unique brand voice.

AI customer support

Empower your support team by automating responses with AI agents that know your knowledge base inside out.

Dissecting documents for key insights

Analyse and extract key details from documents and papers, giving fast reach to important information.

AI personas

Craft AI personas for work and fun. These can perform tasks or simply entertain you. Create efficiency and joy in one place.





Access to GPT-3.5

Unlimitied AI agents

1 Knowledge Base entry

1 Automation

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Access to GPT-4 and Claude 2

Unlimited AI agents

Unlimited Knowledge Base

Unlimited Automations


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Access to GPT-4 and Claude 2

Unlimited AI agents

Unlimited Knowledge Base

Unlimited Automations

Chat Widget, Embeds and API


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