August 16, 2023



We're thrilled to introduce our latest feature, Workspaces. This innovative tool brings a remarkable increase in collaboration and productivity to your team.

Key Features of Workspaces:

ā€¢ šŸ‘„ Team Collaboration
With Workspaces, you can privately share AI projects within your team. This promotes joint development of AI agents, encourages sharing of ideas, and improves workflow.

ā€¢ šŸ¤ Engagement
Workspaces also offer the chance to interact with AIs developed by team members. This fosters knowledge sharing and mutual learning in your organisation.

ā€¢ šŸ”’ Privacy
To ensure privacy, system prompts can be shared discreetly within Workspaces. This protects strategic AI discussions and safeguards your team's intellectual assets.

ā€¢ āš™ļø Enhanced API Capabilities
In addition, we've broadened our API capabilities for each AI. This allows seamless integration of your AI projects into existing systems and processes.

Thank you for being part of our community. We're eager to see the innovative projects that will emerge from using Workspaces.