December 13, 2023

Threads, Chat Logs, Preferred LLM, and more

Threads, Chat Logs, Preferred LLM, and more

Here's what's new at Invicta AI, tailored for precision and convenience (12.12).

1 ) 🧵 Threads
• You can now have multiple, individual conversation threads with AI agents • Email automations now possess thread memory, retaining the context of each email in a thread to ensure continuity in communication

2 ) 📊 Chat Log Analytics
• Detailed analysis of how users interact with your AI agents and chat widgets. • User data is anonymised for privacy. Available to Business subscribers. Contact us.

Minor updates:
• ✨ Your LLM preference is now auto-saved across sessions; no need to reselect each time.
• 🏠 You can now find your default AI agent atop your sidebar. You can change your default AI agent by going to the info window and clicking "Set Default"
• 📎 Increased size limits for in-chat file attachments.