June 19, 2024

Pause/Resume & Multiple Triggers

Pause/Resume & Multiple Triggers

Introducing New Features: Pause and Resume Triggers, and Multiple Triggers for Agents

We’re excited to announce two powerful new features for Invicta AI agents: Pause and Resume Triggers and Multiple Triggers.

Pause and Resume Triggers: This feature allows you to temporarily halt any trigger’s activity and resume it later. It provides greater control over your workflows, enabling you to manage workloads during peak times, schedule downtimes, and make strategic adjustments without disrupting other operations.

Multiple Triggers: Agents can now have multiple triggers, making them more versatile and responsive. This enhancement allows a single agent to handle various conditions or events, creating more complex workflows and ensuring your agents act appropriately in all scenarios.

These updates provide increased flexibility and efficiency for managing your AI-driven workflows. Discover how these features can enhance your operations with Invicta AI today!