July 04, 2024

New Triggers: Scheduler & Webhook

New Triggers: Scheduler & Webhook

Introducing Scheduler and Webhook: Supercharge Your AI Workforce

We're excited to unveil two game-changing triggers that will take your AI agents to the next level: Scheduler and Webhook. These powerful additions are designed to make your Invicta AI workforce even more proactive and responsive.

Scheduler: Time-Based Automation

Scheduler empowers your AI agents to perform tasks on a set timetable, bringing a new level of automation to your workflows:

  • Set up daily, weekly, or monthly routines
  • Automate report generation at specific times
  • Schedule check-ins and follow-ups without manual intervention

Webhook: Real-Time Integrations

Webhook opens up a world of instant reactions, allowing your AI agents to respond immediately to external events:

  • Process new leads the moment they arrive
  • Update workflows when tasks are completed in other systems
  • Trigger actions based on real-time data from your tech stack

These new triggers seamlessly integrate into your existing Invicta AI setup, requiring no coding knowledge. They're designed to enhance your AI workforce's capabilities, allowing your human team to focus on strategy and innovation.

Try out Scheduler and Webhook today and watch your AI agents become even more efficient and responsive. The future of work is here, and it's more automated and intelligent than ever.