January 08, 2024

Long-term AI Memory, Google Drive and Gmail

Long-term AI Memory, Google Drive and Gmail

Happy New Year! 🎄

We hope your year is off to a fantastic start. To add to the excitement, we’ve introduced features to Invicta AI that we can’t wait for you to try.

1 ) 🧠 Your AI Agents can now learn from your chats
• Create memories with AI: You can now save individual messages and entire chat threads into AI Agents’ Memory • Improves over time: As you chat with your AI Agents, they will become more helpful, remembering details and preferences to serve you better each time.

2 ) 🔄 Google Drive Sync
• Link your Google Drive files directly to your AI Agents' knowledge base. • Any edits you make in Google Drive will be reflected instantly in the knowledge base. It's that seamless!

3 ) 📧 Gmail Integration
• Email Automations just got easier. Connect Gmail with Invicta AI to streamline your email automations.

Minor updates:
• Fixed a bug where the last characters of messages were incorrectly sent as separate messages.
• Improved the stability of email automation for improved and more reliable performance.