January 24, 2024

Google Gemini, Mistral, Profiles and more

Google Gemini, Mistral, Profiles and more

Hi there,

Let's dive into the latest updates on Invicta AI:

1. 🌌 Google Gemini & Mistral
We've expanded our AI selection with Google Gemini and Mistral's newest AI models to offer you more versatility in your interactions.

2. πŸ‘€ Profiles
Explore the Invicta AI community with the new profile feature. Check out what others are creating, or manage your own AI interactions seamlessly.

3. ⏸️ Pause Automations
You're now in control with the ability to pause email automations whenever necessary.

Minor updates:

  • πŸ•’ Time-Aware Agents: Ask about past conversations or upcoming tasks with ease; our agents now understand the dimension of time!

  • βœ‰οΈ Smarter Email Automations: They now include the sender's email and subject line for better context.

  • πŸ”§ Bug Fixes: We've ironed out issues across several features, including chat uploads, memory functions, and the chat widget, and made enhancements to Claude 2.