November 21, 2023

Claude 2, In-Chat Attachments, Link Synchronisation

Claude 2, In-Chat Attachments, Link Synchronisation

We are excited to announce various improvements to your Invicta AI experience. Here's what we have introduced over the last week (23.10).

1 ) Claude 2 and GPT-4 Turbo πŸš€
Brush the dust off your website! You now have the ability to embed your AI agents as interactive chat bubbles or windows directly on your site.

2 ) Attach files to your conversations πŸ“Ž
You can now upload CSVs into your AI agent’s knowledge base, empowering you to work with spreadsheets and task your AI agents with generating insights based on this data.

3 ) Knowledge Base Synchronisation πŸ”„
You now have the power to fully clone open-source AI agents. This allows you to customise and augment existing agents, as well as upload files directly into them.

Minor updates: πŸ””
β€’ UI Redesign: Our user interface has been thoroughly updated for a more streamlined experience. πŸ–ŒοΈ
β€’ Forms: Variables in AI system messages now appear as forms at the beginning of the chat, allowing for efficient information gathering, such as contact details. πŸ“
β€’ Chat Optimisation and Bug Fixes: Enhancements have been made to the chat functionality to ensure a smoother conversation flow. βš™οΈ

Enjoy these fresh updates and keep an eye out for more improvements from Invicta AI!