Automate your emails with AI

Connect your AI agents to Gmail/Outlook and let them respond to emails automatically. Reduce manual work and save time.

How to use Email Automations

1. Connect your email

Securely connecting your Email AI with your email provider.


2. Choose AI Agents

Connect AI agents who know your documents and can generate and sort emails for you.

3. Let AI Handle Emails

AI agents will now automatically process incoming emails, draft responses, and sort your inbox.


Skip the learning curve

Use pre-built automations templates to get started

Email Replier

Email Summariser

Automated workflows. Human-level reasoning.

Unlock the full potential of Email AI Automations

Your first AI employee

Invicta AI agents act as virtual assistants to automate tasks like scheduling meetings and Q&A.


AI meets inbox overload

Let AI agents handle summarize and analyze emails it deems important, so you can focus on what matters.


Integrate With Your Tools

Connect with your documents, links, Notion, and other integrations for efficient email automation.


Respond in Any Language

Understand emails in multiple languages and respond intelligently in the appropriate language.

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